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Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc

Bee Removal and Pest Control in Desert Hot Springs, California

Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc is your licensed and number one provider of beehive removal services in the Desert Hot Springs area. We provide the area and neighboring cities without eco friendly and affordable bee control and relocation.

You can also count on us for Bed Bug treatments! 

Do you hear a buzz and don't know what to do? As residents of California we have one of the most diverse groups of bees in the country.  A large family called Apidae also reside in our state with several types of bees including: carpenter, honey, cuckoo, digger and bumble bees.

Bee hives are becoming increasingly common in suburban areas of Southern California.  As a licensed contractor we provide bee removal and relocation for all residential homes and commercial businesses to relieve the stress of bee infestations.

These beautiful creatures provide a great service to our Earth by pollinating crops, creating a base for organic health products and sweetening your tea! However, we don't want them in our homes, buzzing around our windows or nesting in our trees!

The professionals at Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc provide dual services, honey melts after our bee removal spray, this leaves left over residue on pipes, roofing and drywall that can cause extensive damage and attract other rodents or pests. As general contractors, we can perform any necessary construction to repair damage caused by bees and our removal services.

We remove each hive and its bee and take it to our 40-acre honey farm. Our honey farm uses the bees for crop pollination and of course, honey. This environmental and safe way of removing unwanted pests is what makes up the best choice in the Desert Hot Springs area.

Call today at (760) 469-9777 to learn more about what our pest control and general contracting team can do for you. We are available 24/7 for emergencies when you become overwhelmed with a swarm of eager bees. Don’t waste any time, or further damage to your home or office,  call now!

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