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Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc Services

Beekeepers and Hive Removal in Desert Hot Springs, California

Are you in the Desert Hot Springs area and experiencing the hassle or fright of a bee infestation? Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc is the best in the business for all your bee and pest control needs. If you acquire assistance with bee control and are need immediate help, Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc has the experience and skill to free you of this burden.

Do you have buzzing in your walls, attic or outside your window? Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc provides Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Palm Springs and neighboring towns with exceptional pest control services.

Bee hives are becoming increasingly common in suburban areas of Southern California. As a licensed contractor we provide bee removal and relocation for all residential homes and commercial businesses to relieve the stress of bee infestations.

Bees provide our Earth a great service by pollinating our plants and food sources, producing honey we use in health products and food; they are a very important factor in our life. However, no one wants them buzzing around their home! At Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc we provide a fast and simple bee removal service to free your home or office of unwanted pests.

Bed Bug removal is one of our specialties!

With over 20,000 different species of bees, honey bees pollinate over 100 crops in America alone! We relocate bees to our 40-acre farm that uses these bees to pollinate crops and produce honey! This is a great alternative to wiping out an entire hive of helpful bees!

When we spray bees to remove them from homes, attics and inside drywall. When a hive of bees nest in a home it can become a very sticky situation. Our spray causes honey to melt, when this happens it can cause a lot of problems and damage to pipes, drywall and home electrical.

We are licensed contractors and able to perform any construction repairs made by bees, their honey and our removal services. Call us today to schedule your appointment and get rid of your bee infestation. Our office number is (760) 469-9777, speak to one of our friendly associates and learn more about what we can do for you.


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