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Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc - Cathedral City, CA

Relocate Bees and Hive Removal servicing Cathedral City, California

Are you in the Cathedral City area looking for a way to remove any unwanted and pesky bees that have inhabited your home or office? At Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc we provide our clients with a safe, fast and reliable bee removal service. With years of experience we have the skill and knowledge it takes to get the job done.

Bees provide our Earth a great service by pollinating our plants and food sources as well as producing honey we use in health products and food; they are a very important factor in our life. However, no one wants them buzzing around their home!

As residents of California we have one of the most diverse groups of bees in the country. A large family called Apidae also reside in our state with several types of bees including: carpenter, honey, cuckoo, digger and bumble bees.

At Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc we provide a fast and simple bee removal service to free your home or office of unwanted pests.

When we remove bees we take them to our 40-acre farm that allows them to live freely, pollinating growing plants and creating honey. Our farm is a economical and environmental way of removing bees from your home.

Our team of professionals are also specialized in construction, when we spray bees for removal it often cause leftover honey to melt. When honey melts on your home or within in your walls and attics it can cause a lot of problems.

Damage to drywall, electrical and pipes can cause a very sticky situation. We can repair any damage left behind by bee honey and removal.

Allow our team of professionals to remove your home's unwanted bee infestation. We can provide you with a safe and reliable way of beehives with our years of experience. Dead or alive, those bees are coming with us!

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