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Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc - Palm Springs, CA

Beekeeper and Beehive Removal servicing Palm Springs, California

If you  are in the beautiful Palm Springs area looking to remove an unwanted and pesky beehive outside of your home or office, call Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc. Our team of undeniably qualified exterminators and beekeepers can get the job done quickly and easily.

Bee hives are becoming increasingly common in suburban areas of Southern California.  As a licensed contractor we provide bee removal and relocation for all residential homes and commercial businesses to relieve the stress of bee infestations.

With over 20,000 species of bees in the world they are one of the most eco-friendly and environment helping creatures on the plants. Bees pollinate a majority of our plants, fruits and vegetables that feed out families, their honey is used in many health and beauty products and also put into our tea!

At Killer Bee Pest Control, Inc we provide a fast and simple bee removal service to free your home or office of unwanted pests.

When we remove bees we take them to our 40-acre farm that allows them to live freely, pollinating growing plants and creating honey. Our farm is a economical and environmental way of removing bees from your home and not disrupting our environment.

Our team of professionals are also specialized in construction, when we spray bees for removal it often cause leftover honey to melt. When honey melts on your home or within in your walls and attics it can cause a lot of problems.

Pipes, electrical, drywall, stucco and much more can be damaged or affected by melted honey. We are certified contractors that can fix and repair any problems caused by these bee infestations.

Call our team today at (760) 469-9777 to learn more about our bee removal services and what it takes to rid them from your property. We ensure you quality work and affordable service; dead or alive, those bees are coming with us!

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